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Haworthia Specimens

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My first experience with this genus was with a Haworthia cymbiformis plant. You can get this species in Malaysia; it's not that common a species but off and on there will be stocks of them in nurseries.

This is my second Haworthia cymbiformis. The first one I owned died due to my transplanting the plant into a soil mixture. You stand a better chance of growing it if you use a non-soil mixture. In my case, it did very well on aquarium gravel. Later, this pot was sunk into a larger pot containing soil, for faster growth.

In Jan 2000, this plant started producing offsets and flower stalks. This can be seen in the Haworthia Flowers Page page.

The pictures above show how the original pot is sunk into a larger pot. The gravel ensures that the fleshy leaves do not get wet and rot. The picture at right shows the plant with offsets. It was taken about 11 months after the first picture and 3 months after the second picture.

This seems to be a species of Haworthia. It could be a variety of Haworthia fasciata or Haworthia radula. Haven't seriously gotten around to making a positive identification yet...

This plant appears to be a Haworthia fasciata.

The less fleshy Haworthias seem to be very easy to grow. Since I am more of a cacti collector, I have pretty much left these plants to fend for themselves, watered once or twice a week. They are hard to kill and with some care, I'm sure a flower stalk or two can be coaxed from them.

If given enough fertilizer, a Haworthia cymbiformis plant produces offsets profusely. These can be potted up. I've used pure gravel to get them to root, but I suspect a very well-drained soil works just as well.

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