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Gasteria Specimens

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I have a preference for genus which can withstand a little abuse . Gasteria is one of them; I've had a single rather trouble-free plant for a while now. I got it from a neighbour in Melaka. From the reference books I have, it appears to be a Gasteria ernesti-ruschi. Still, many authors say that this genus has undergone considerable hybridization in nurseries, and many commercially mass-produced plants are what is commonly called 'mongrels'.

Gasteria ernesti-ruschi Gasteria ernesti-ruschi

The picture on the right was taken with my new digital camera, a Fuji FinePix. The older picture was taken with a camera that is a generation or two behind. The colour reproduction of new digital camera is excellent.

More Gasteria (2001)

Gasteria ernesti-ruschi in Jan 2001 Gasteria ernesti-ruschi in Dec 2001

Here are another two pictures for comparison. The first was taken about 3 months after the second picture on the page. The next was taken at the end of 2001. Gasterias are slow growers, but you can expect one or two pairs of leaves a year, at the very least.

In early May 2001, I bought two 2" pots of Gasteria from a nursery n Puchong, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The two specimens are shown above. They appear to be different from my one and only specimen, the leaves being more narrow. The offset on the specimen at left was split from the main plant.

Gasterias, May 2001 Gasterias, Dec 2001

Here is my Gasteria collection, four plants in all. In May 2001, the three smaller specimens have just been transplanted into new pots. My largest specimen was producing a flower stalk. More pictures of Gasteria flowers can be found at Gasteria Flowers Page.

By the end of 2001, one can see that all four plants have grown appreciably. Gasteria is an easy genus to grow, and its skin is very tough. Recommended for busy urban collectors. In fact, I am enough of a Gasteria fan that I have selected some Gasteria seeds in my 2002 seed purchase.

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