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Miscellaneous Seeds Page 4

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Photos and Descriptions of Seeds Sown

This page describes the following batches of seed:

Frailea columbiana

These seedlings were grown from seeds from a couple of seed pods on a Frailea columbiana (I think) plant which I bought around early March 2000. 62 seeds were sown after a month, on 2 April 2000. In 7 days, 57 have germinated. Nothing beats fresh seeds, I think.

A picture of the plant can be found on this page: Frailea Page

For a long time, I left the seedlings in the original pot. As you can see in the pictures below, in 3 months the seedlings have started to squeeze each other out. Luckily, they seem pretty tough, and none died although growth was stunted by the crowding effect.

When the seedlings was transplanted in May 2001, the count was still 56. I think this is a hardy species, and it was prompted me to eye Frailea for my next seed purchase.

April 2000: 1 week old May 2000: Almost 2 months old
Jul 2000: About 3.5 months old May 2001: 13 months old
A close-up of the seedlings After being transplanted into new pots

In May 2001, the seedlings were moved out of their original 2" pot (where they had been for 13 months) and put into six 2" pots. While my other Frailea pygmaea seedlings etiolated under a plastic cover, these seedlings did not etiolate, remaining quite fat. The only reason they are not bigger after 13 months is because of the crowding.

Mammillaria sp.

This batch of seeds were from a colleague of mine. The plant looked like a Mammillaria zeilmanniana, one of those quick growing and easy to flower types. The seeds were sown around June 2000, and 7 germinated by 25 June 2000.

After a month, more than 20 have germinated, as you can see in the pictures below.

July 2000: 3 weeks old July 2000: 3 weeks old

That's the end of this section on miscellaneous seed batches. As time goes by, I will add more material.

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