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Miscellaneous Seeds Page 3

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Photos and Descriptions of Seeds Sown

This page describes the following batches of seed:

Gymnocalycium denudatum

10 Gymnocalycium denudatum seeds were sown on 6 Jun 1999. The seeds were from a single pod (of 44 seeds altogether) from a plant given by a Malaysian collector living in the USA. It was originally identified as a Gymnocalycium baldianum but the spination and plant colour didn't seem exactly right. I've forgotten the colour of the flower so there's no help on that.

Gymnocalycium denudatum pods are green and the dried remains of the flower sticks to the pod. Germination started after about 10 days. Eventually 9 germinated (by 1 Sep 1999) but a few was lost due to damping-off when the pot was accidentally left standing in a bit of water.

Oct 1999: At 4.5 months with a Mamm. prolifera Jan 2000: At 6 months
April 2000: At 9 months October 2000: 15 months

As of June 2000, 5 were still alive. Gymnocalycium denudatum seem to be an easy species to grow from seed. The seeds are black, large and the seedlings grow very fast. The odd one out in the pictures is a Mammillaria prolifera seedling.

The picture on the right is one of the seedlings which was put in aquaculture earlier. After a few months it has at least tripled in size (the cup and the pot are both 2" in diameter.)

Frailea pygmaea

This batch of seeds was collected from a seed pod on a Frailea pygmaea which I bought. The seeds were sown on 27 June 1999. Germination took place almost one week after sowing. There were 7 seedlings after a month, 11 after 3 months. Seems to be really spread out.

Oct 1999: At 4 months Jan 2000: At 6 months
April 2000: 9 months May 2000: 10 months

It seems that the seedlings have etiolated, probably due to insufficient light within the plastic propagator. Nevertheless, the seedlings are quite vigorous and trouble-free.

July 2001: 2 years old December 2001: 29 months

In this 2001 update, most of the seedlings have survived past a period of neglect. The etiolation is quite bad, but at least they are still alive. Pretty tough plants, them. By the end of 2001, I have started to cut some down to size.

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