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Miscellaneous Seeds

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Photos and Descriptions of Seeds Sown

This page shows plants from my 1997 batch of seeds from SuccSeed and seeds I got from fellow cacti and succulents collectors. The sections below show different batches of seeds and their progress. Most of the pots you see are 2" plastic pots.

More seed batches are described in other pages:

Melocactus sp.

I got this batch of seed from a cacti_etc subscriber from Thailand, to whom I am greatly indebted. I shall not divulge his identity because I do not want unnecessary e-mails directed to him. The seeds were sown freshly harvested and cleaned from pods around 1 Aug 1997. The seeds germinated after 6 days.

Feb 1998: Melocactus sp., 6 months old Oct 1998: The same batch at 14 months old.
May 1999: Grafted seedling, 21 months Aug 2000: Plants at 3 years old

The parent plant was a 6 year old specimen about 6" in diameter, with pink flowers. Melocactus plants can be pushed to grow faster using richer soil and more moist conditions as it comes from subtropical Brazil. I think my specimens are rather slow growing because the small pots dry out very fast in the hot weather and I water them only once or twice a week. Nevertheless, they seem to be doing well and are quite tough.

The only problem with Melocactus is that they seem to attract scale insects and whiteflies. My Melocactus plants seem to get attacked more often. When that happens, I brush the bugs off and give them a good spray of water to dislodge other bugs.

One of the seedlings was grafted onto a Myrtillocactus geometrizans stock. You can see its growth progress elsewhere:

SuccSeed Batch

I ordered 22 varieties of seeds from SuccSeed, Sweden, in 1997 with a colleague. At that point in time, my technique was still quite inconsistent but then I decided that I couldn't wait. Anyway, by that time, I was starting to get a paycheck so I went for it.

The seeds were sown on 2 Aug 1997, immediately upon arrival. Germination rates were excellent, but bad technique and inconsistent care conspired to kill most of the seedlings. Tough luck, but then I couldn't wait until my technique got better.

Feb 1998: Astrophytum ornatum, 6 months Nov 1998: Astrophytum ornatum, 15 months
Jul 2000: Almost 2 years old, a little stunted Aug 2000: Another picture

One result of this batch of seeds is that I became a fan of Astrophytum. The genus of cacti has rather large seeds which are shaped like a hat. The germination rate was excellent (18 of 21) and the seedlings are large and strong. The pictures above indicates that I had quite a bit more success in keeping Astrophytum seedlings alive.

At left is a Matucana madisoniorum Succseed seedling. The seedling is a bit long, but you can just make out the distinctive Matucana madisoniorum shape and characteristics. It wasn't growing all that well in normal soil.

The slow growth is again the result of the really hot tropical weather which drys pots out very fast, plus the fact that I only water them twice a week.

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