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Mesa Gardens 1999 Seeds

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These pages show the progress of my 1999 Mesa Garden batch of cactus seeds. This batch of seeds were sown on 11 October 1999. The complete seed list can be found at 1999 Seed List.

There are quite a few pages for this batch of seeds. Pictures after April 2000 have better colour reproduction and definition, due to the use of a new digital camera.


The propagation area was outdoors but protected from direct sunlight under an awning. Translucent plastic containers were used. Light transmission is not ideal for these containers but they were cheap and worked well. The containers were checked twice a week.

Initially, I did not soak off excess water after spraying, so there were one or two damping off accidents. Later, I made sure the pots never dripped water at the bottom. Condensate was wiped off to avoid the water droplets from dripping onto the seedlings.

Propagation box Propagation box

The above pictures shows 2 of 4 plastic containers holding the pots of seedlings, after 2.5 months. You can barely discern individual seedlings inside the containers. No bugs were found yet, but there was an algae problem caused by excess water. To avoid the build up of algae, soak up excess water so that the pots range from barely moist to moist, never soaked.

Mesa mixed (#5001) Mamm mixed (#981.115)
Astro myriostigma (#57) Lobivia jajoiana (#539.63)
Astro ornatum (#67)  

The pictures show week-old seedlings. The numbers are Mesa Garden order numbers for the seeds.

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