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Horti Seeds

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Horti Mixed Cactus Seeds

This is one of the many batches of Horti mixed cactus seed which I planted. One reason I tried to many of the packets was that I was hoping to get some new interesting species, other than the usual species which always dominate. However, I always seem to be getting the same old types of plants.

Eventually, I found the reason in one of my books: the stronger species was overwhelming the weaker species. In any case, I eventually lost interest in mixed cactus seeds, prefering to get exactly what I want from a seed supplier. So I ended up killing a lot of the seedlings through neglect. You will see that this batch meets a sorry end.

Still, I got a bunch of Myrtillocactus geometrizans which are excellent for grafting. And I still have a few Stenocereus pruinosus, which are tougher than Stenocereus thuberi.

This batch was sown around Nov 1998. I counted about 148 seedlings.

Horti mixed seeds, 1-2 weeks old, Nov 1998 June 1999
June 1999 June 1999

The long seedling in the first pot close-up picture (at left) is a Myrtillocactus geometrizans seedling. Young growth do not have the distinctive blue coating.

Earlier Horti Seedlings

The following are pictures of an earlier batch of Horti mixed cactus seeds. 206 seeds were counted. The seeds were sown on 22 Aug 1997. The pictures were taken on July 1999. Germination was visible within 2 days of sowing. The progress of the germination is as follows:

Observation Date Seedlings Counted
25 Aug 72
26 Aug 122
28 Aug 153
29 Aug 161
5 Sep 173
18 Sep 176

The peak number of seedlings was 176, achieved about 26 days after sowing. Fresh Horti seeds always germinate very quickly. It's probably the best source of seeds for practising your skills on, if you live in Malaysia or Singapore (Horti is a Singaporean company.) See my page on Mixed Cactus Seed Packets for more information.

Mrytillocactus geometrizans Stenocereus thurberi
Ferocactus emoryi Unknown
Various seedlings under cover Various seedlings under cover

I was using a zip-loc bag for a while. The pots were put in a tray and steel wire was used to create a frame to hold up the bag. Conditions in the bag is moist but not enough to cause rotting. However, if you are negligient with watering the seedlings, you can still cook them. They can dry out and get stressed up under a hot cover without water (especially under tropical heat.) You can check out the result in the Seedling Problems Page.

Alternatively, you can expose your seedlings early to your outdoor plant collection area. Exposed seedlings will grow hardier but they are smaller and doesn't grow as fast as seedlings in bags or boxes. It's a trade-off: faster growth versus hardier growth.

This is an October 1999 photo of a few seedlings in a plastic propagator tray. The tray is nice but in the hot tropical weather it dries up too fast because there's little soil in each cup. If you do not care for your plants every day, this is not recommended. They will grow hardier, yes, but you'll wait and wait and wait as they take their time to grow.

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