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Gymnocalycium Seeds and Pods

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Gymnocalycium Seeds and Pods

The following are pictures and descriptions of Gymnocalycium baldianum seed pods and seeds.

Gymnocalycium baldianum seed pods takes 30 to 35 days to mature. Pods will drop off when mature. The colour of the pod stays green, but it begins to dry a little when ripe. I don't believe it splits but I have on one occasion had the pods split on me, disgorging seeds all over the area surrounding the plant. I'm not sure whether it was natural behaviour or that the pods were being attacked by hungry ants.

These are pictures of the seed pods after being split with a knife. The pods were left to naturally drop off.

You will know it is ripe when the pod starts to droop downwards -- this means that the base of the pod is becoming loose and it will drop off in a day or two. I suppose you should be able to pick the pods right then if you do not want to wait.

The skin of the pod also dries a little bit, shrinking a little and becoming rather more dull.

As you can see, part of the flower remains with the pod. The pod is moist on the inside.

There is some whitish fleshy stuff inside. I haven't tried tasting it . The insides of the pod is quite moist. Hard black seeds are visible. The brown spheres are soft proto-seeds which were not pollinated. If you want a lot of seeds, the flower has to be pollinated intensively.

Above is a picture of seeds removed from the pod, and a picture of the white stuff.

The seeds are about 1mm in diameter (the scale in the picture at left is 1mm.) Viable seeds are hard; non-viable seeds can be easily crushed with your fingernails. The seeds is sort of acorn-shaped -- part of it is gray-brown and another part of it is black.

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