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Scarring Problems

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Problems - scarring

Scars are the result of bug or fungi attack. As such, it is not really the source of a problem, but a resulting cosmetic disfigurement. Therefore, in order to avoid scarring, see my other pages on bug problems and fungi problems.

Note that some Opuntias and Euphorbias, especially large ones, have a tendency for older growth to turn woody. The normal green skin disappears and is replaced by a rough woody skin and trunk. This is normal behaviour, it is not scarring.

This Stenocactus pruinosus have a couple of scars. Still, this is a pretty though species considering that I don't maintain my large specimens very well. Spider mite and scale attacks occur only during periods of extreme neglect.
This Gymnocalycium horstii is peppered with spots of scars. This is the aftermath of a mild scale or spider mite infestation. The plant will probably survive. Still, care must be taken to avoid a following fungi attack.
The scarring on this Echinopsis was caused by the manual removal of scale insects. Areas from which scale insects were removed turned into hard patches of scars. Some black mold has formed on some of the scars, and this plant is in grave danger.
This Gymnocalycium denudatum has patches of rough scars due to spider mite damage. One or two round patches of scars are visible. This plant has been weakened and is in danger of dying.
This is the same Echinopsis as the one in n earlier picture (see above), badly damaged by bugs. There is serious scarring, and a waxy yellowish-brownish coating which I think is due to the plant's defense response.
This monstrose specimen whose pictures are shown here has some patches of scars which look flat compared to healthy tissue. I don't think something ate portions of it -- it's more likely due to loss of tissue in the regions where bug damage is serious.


Please take a look at the Spider Mite Problems Page or the Fungi Problems Page for more pointers on how to avoid the problem of scarring.

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