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Popular C&S Plants in Malaysia

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Popular Cacti and Succulents in Malaysia

Local Plants

I have no idea what are the native cacti and succulent plants in Malaysia, if any, although tropical cacti and succulents exist. Not a botanist y'know... I will look that up one day. Most of the commonly grown cacti and succulents are foreign to Malaysian soil.

Popular Plants

Adenium obesum is a very popular plant among the Chinese population. It is marketed by nurseries as a sort of 'prosperity plant.' The Chinese will buy anything that has a connection with money, however tenuous the connection is, even if the name has been coined by traders bent on using superstition to reap a profit. However there is practically one single variety of Adenium around. I've seen Adeniums that are different only on rare occasions. They flower all year, but bugs attack the nice, juicy leaves. I've identified at least one species of butterfly (the Lime butterfly) which attacks this species.

Nobody but dedicated cacti and succulent enthusiasts and nursery owners know how to pollinate Adenium obesum. Heck, ignorant owners of Adeniums have been known to get all worked up over a seed pod (it's a sign of good fortune, they say :-) ha! ha!). Incredibly, photos of Adeniums with seed pods have been known to appear in the local papers, no thanks to some ignorant people who seem to have no idea that it's a seed pod. Pathetic.

Opuntias plants about three or four feet high are often grown by non-cacti and succulent lovers. To the Chinese, it's known as 'Fairy's Palm' (that's the transliterated name for a cactus plant in Chinese.) Aloes are popular too. Again, there are only one or two species being grown. Not much diversity there. Kalanchoes are popular too, and people buy them for ornamental purposes when they are in full bloom. Kalanchoes and Opuntias do not flower as easily as Adeniums. In the case of Kalanchoes, it is because there is no difference in daylight hours all year round.

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