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Cameron Highlands Nurseries Page 6

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Cactus Point

The entrance to Cactus Point slopes downwards. It is situated on a hill slope; the slope is steep enough that one cannot really see anything from a passing car. Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highlands is located almost within walking distance. There is no entrance charge and the retail plants are cheapest here. Uncle Sam Farm [sic] is just across the road from Cactus Point. There is also a vegetable market nearby.
At Cactus Point, shooting from the side of the road which slopes down to the entrance proper. This section is out of bounds. There is a very wide variety of C&S plants underneath those plastic sheets; they are for wholesale. They are probably imported plants, here to be fattened up before distribution. I'm not much of a hustler, so I did not try to talk my way in. Maybe next time...
Here is one section of the retail area at Cactus Point. 2" pots go for as cheap as RM10 for 6 (the smaller ones on the left.) At the far end, you can see the raised shelves where the small not-for-sale collection is situated. Personally, I think Cactus Point has the best selection of plants on retail.
A closer look at some plants for sale. These are priced at RM10 for 3. They are a little larger than the cheapest plants. The tray indicates that they are most likely imported, probably from The Netherlands. Note the abundance of easy-to-grow Notocactus specimens in the picture. The most common genus is Mammillaria. There is also a selection of succulents.
A closer look at the exhibit section. These specimens are not for sale. The offsetting Mammillarias look fantastic. It would be very difficult to duplicate such a collection in the Klang Valley (or at low elevations) -- white hairs on cacti turn grey in a few months. It just might be possible, only if you are willing to properly care for them daily.

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