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Cameron Highlands Nurseries Page 5

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Cactus Valley -- Other Plants

These aren't pictures of cacti or succulents, but they do serve to give you a better picture of the attractions at Cactus Valley.

A bed of zinnias, one of the many species of temperate flowers grown at Cactus Valley. Cameron Highlands is the best place to enjoy the beauty of temperate weather flowers in Malaysia. It is one legacy of British colonization that is relatively easy to swallow. Temperate weather flowers do not usually grow very well in the hotter lowlands.
A wider-angle view of the bed of zinnias. Many other flower species are grown at Cactus Valley. The flower beds are well-maintained, and the results are quite spectacular. Cameron Highlands is a really welcome relief from the hot and dusty climate of the urban areas in Malaysia.
Tomatoes grown using a drip feed method. The plants are grown in plastic bags which are probably bottomless. Lengths of black plastic tubing distribute water and nutrients to each tomato plant.

The tomato plants extends over two terraces. The upper terrace is just visible in the upper right of the picture. The plants form a canopy at that upper level. This section is roofed, so it is a pseudo-greenhouse.

A view of an out-of-bounds section where strawberries are grown. Strawberries is the main 'luxury' fruit crop in Cameron Highlands. There are many strawberry farms scattered around the highland plateau.
A closer view of strawberry plants. Everybody seem to be using this bag-and-drip feed system. Bags of peat (I think) are cut open on one side and arranged on standing metal frames to save space. Black plastic tubes distribute water and nutrients. This scheme saves water and reduces runoff wastage of fertilizers. The bags do not seem to have drainage holes in them.
Apple trees at Cactus Valley, trained as a arch. This section is out-of-bounds; probably still in the experimental stage. The apples are green, with a little tinge of pink.
Dwarf roses for sale. Cameron Highlands is a haven for non-tropical plants and flowers. But be warned, what works in the highland plateau may not work in the hot, dusty and humid lowlands.
Lovely strawberries, ripe for harvesting. This picture was taken in a strawberry farm near Cactus valley. If you want to buy fresh strawberries, buy very ripe ones -- they are the sweetest.

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