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Cacti and Succulents Links

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Absolutely Essential Links

I've listed only the bare necessities, and a couple more pages maintained by friends and fellow cactophiles and succulentophiles:

Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall (UK)
Probably the only cacti and succulents site you'll ever need. The Who's Who of cacti and succulents sites.

Cacti_etc Home Page (USA)
Home of the cacti_etc mailing list. The domain of the cacti_etc mailing list webmaster, Bob Jewett. Long live cacti_etc!

Sources of Seed

I've bought seeds from all the three shown below, and I'm very happy with the quality of their product. Mesa Garden is the best, but the other two have better selections for certain genus.

SuccSeed (Sweden)
A good cacti and succulent site that sells seeds at affordable prices. SuccSeed has a large catalog of seeds. There are also pointers on growing cacti and succulents, and a fantastic gallery of pictures.

Mesa Garden (USA)
The best cactus and succulent seed specialist. 'Nuff said.

Cactus Heaven (Malta)
Good also, might be cheaper for EU people. Nice selection of hybrids.

Malaysian Web Sites

Rico's Cacti, Music & Doggie Good Stuff (Malaysia)
If you want to know all about getting and growing rare cactus species in Malaysia, this is the place to go. Rico Tong's collection is totally, totally awesome by Malaysian standards. I consider my site workman-like, and his site is like the Louvre.

Ching Yen Choon's Cacti Collection (Malaysia)
Pointers on how to grow cacti and succulents in Malaysia, and where to buy them. Also has pictures of flowering cacti. (Probably no longer updated.)

Cactus Valley (Malaysia)
So far, this is the only Malaysian cactus and succulent nursery which has a Web page. It is located at Malaysia's premier hill resort, Cameron Highlands.

Other Personal Web Sites

Kreewut's Cactus Page! (Thailand)
See a cactus page from Thailand! Contains a number of very nice cacti and succulent photos. (Czechoslovakia)
Petr Koupelka's cacti and succulents site. Includes information on books, brochure, journals, and CD-ROMs.

Cactus-Succulent Literature (Czechoslovakia)
A company which specializes in seeds and literature.

Cactofilia (Italy)
A fellow cactophile in Italy. He has some very nice photos of his collection.

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