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Aquaculture / Hydroponics

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Aquaculture G. baldanium in bloom
These pages chronicles my experiments on cactus and succulent hydroponics. To some purists, what I do is not really hydroponics, but aquaculture. Hydroponics literally mean "working water", and there is usually a means to move water as part of the hydroponic scheme. In aquaculture, there is no artificial movement of water. So my pages are now a mess, using both terms. I hope you won't be too concerned about a wee problem of terminology.


A box of aquaculture specimens
I started looking into hydroponics as I wanted to boost the growth of my plants. I didn't want to do what some nurseries in Malaysia do, load them up with fertilizers and fungicide under a controlled environment, as that would mean a lot more effort on my part. With hydroponics, I can still maintain my once or twice a week care schedule.

Notocactus magnificus
My goal was not to try some of those complex hydroponic schemes, but to do something with the minimum of effort and money. So, no pumps and no custom-mixed nutrients. What I do can be done with very little money, and anyone can do it.
Early Attempts | Part 2 | Part 3
Nutrients | Roots | Container Cost

Stapelia grandiflora
Aquaculture work for cacti and succulents. I have found it to be a good choice for boosting the size of plants quickly. You get fast and sustained growth. Some species grow very fast in aquaculture. With some care, practically any species can be grown using aquaculture.
Collection Photos | Page 2
Comparisons | Quick Growth in Aquaculture

Gymnocalycium seedling
Plants are cleaner and have less problems. No more soil problems (almost.) Best of all, you can take the plant out and give it a stiff spray of water. No messy transplanting. Clean roots. No more bugs from top to toe!

For information on how to grow C&S in aquaculture, be sure to read Aquaculture to get a feel of things, it will save you a lot of grief.

Notocactus vanvletii
Here are pages of my aquaculture specimens:
Copiapoa | Echinocereus
Ferocactus | Ice Tray Attempt
Gymnocalycium | G. baldianum
Haworthia | Lobivia
Mammillaria | Melocactus
Monstrose sp. | Stapelia
Notocactus | Page 2 | Page 3

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