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Nutrients for Aquaculture

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Nutrient Solutions

Natural Agrifarm (Malaysia) Gardenic

I use a standard A/B-type nutrient solution at the recommended concentration. The one on the left is produced by Natural Agrifarm, while the one on the right is by Gardenic. Right now, it's easier to find the latter in supermarkets in Malaysia. A/B solution nutrients do not produce any percipitation if used properly.

Excel-Grow (Melaka, MY)

This is another type of nutrient solution which I have used. It is a single solution mix, formulated by an ex-MARDI guy turned entrepreneur. You can find this in Melaka. MARDI is the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute.

I don't know much about the basis for the mixing of nutrients, so I can't comment about the solubility of salts. It is supposed to have humic acid to enhance nutrient uptake.

There is some white percipitate in the bottle (probably calcium something), though and it needs to be shaken before use. I didn't kill any plants with this stuff, so I guess it works.

In addition to this, I have on occasion, mixed nutrients which came in the form of a small packet. Inside the packet is a variety of salts and granules. These came in hydroponic vegetable kits. Solubility is not that good, and I could not get everything to dissolve, not even in hot water.

I would suggest to the average collector to get the A/B nutrient solution mix. If you have contacts or adequate knowledge or resources, you can mix your own nutrients. Recipes have been posted to cacti_etc, you should be able to find them in the archives. This, I think, is best left to people who need nutrient solution in bulk, and not for the average home hobbyist.

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