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Notocactus Aquaculture

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Notocactus in Aquaculture: Notocactus haselbergii

These are pictures of Notocactus specimens which I have in aquaculture. Notocactus (now a part of Parodia) is a great genus for aquaculture. There are some very nice and popular large specimens (shown in the next page) which are very easy to grow and very tough. The species shown in this page are the smaller ones. Pictures of Notocactus vanvletii that used to be on this page has been moved to Page 3.

July 1999 July 2000

Notocactus haselbergii has awfully nice-looking carmine flowers, but my specimen still has not bloomed. Still waitin'... The pictures above are dated July 1999 and July 2000, respectively. What you see is 12 months' worth of growth. The discrepancy in plant colour is due to camera colour reproduction.

Year 2001 Pictures

January 2001 March 2001

Between January 2001 and March 2001, the growing point suffered minor damage. The perfect pattern of areoles was spoiled. A deep groove bearing some scars can be seen in the picture at right, below the growing point in the picture. Luckily for me, new growth did not show abnormality. The other side of the plant was undamaged.

April 2001 August 2001

The first picture shows the damaged side of the plant a month later. The specimen was growing steadily, and in time the imperfection would be largely obscured. One can see a bit of spider mite damage in the picture, at the base of the specimen where the bugs are largely shielded from water.

By August 2001, 4 months later, the plant had pretty much outgrown the damaged bit. The new growth is a lighter shade of green compared to the older growth. Perhaps it would be more interesting to see what would happen if an abnormality actually occured; a monstrous Notocactus haselbergii would have been quite interesting.

Check out larger specimens of Notocactus on the next page: Notocactus Aquaculture Page 2.

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