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Haworthia Aquaculture

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Haworthia in Aquaculture

Encouraged by my success in growing Stapelia in aquaculture, I put a couple of Haworthia cymbiformis into aquaculture in the first week of 2001. I normally grow this species using less soil and more gravel because of its very fleshy leaves. A very well-drained potting medium will reduce loss of roots to occurrence of rot.

Here are two offsets which were potted in pure aquarium gravel (that's why the gravel looks so white) a few months ago. As you can see, the roots are quite healthy. I like to use specimens with at least some roots attached so that the plants do not have to spend a long time growing roots down to the nutrient solution.

Left: Another small offset being propagated. Right: one of the specimens in one of my aquaculture boxes. I used clay pellets for them because I was afraid cotton thread would be retain too much water and become too moist.

February 2001

Left: Another view of a specimen on the day it was moved into aquaculture. Middle: About a month later, in February 2001, a large number of new roots can be seen. Right: The new roots are white in colour. Older roots have a yellowish tinge.

Left: A view of the two specimens after one month. It is quite difficult to see any change in size after one month, but the plants look more plumb. Right: Another view of a specimen and its roots. Haworthia cymbiformis roots fare much better than those of Stapelia; there is less of a tendency to rot.

April 2001

In April 2001, three months after moving into aquaculture, the difference in size is clear. As long as the plants are clean and dust-free, and the stem and leaves are not in contact for too long with water or moist growing medium, Haworthia cymbiformis turns out to be an easy species to grow in aquaculture.

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