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Aquaculture Comparison

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Growth comparison

In the following sections, I have grouped together pictures of the same box so that you can compare the growth of the plants. Some of the plants have been changed between shots, so you will not see all the same plants.

Comparison 1

Jun 1999 Jan 2000

July 2000

The biggest gain was made by the Notocactus magnificus. The monstrose plant was replaced by July 2000. Also, a succulent visible in the Jun 1999 photo has been moved.

The Echinopsis did not grow much but they kept producing offsets. The Mammillarias have grown a lot. The Notocactus claviceps is growing a bit more slowly.

Comparison 2

Jan 2000 July 2000

Considerable growth can be seen in 6 of the plants. The head of the Gymnocalycium baldianum has enlarged considerably. In another year, it would start to flower. The Notocactus haselbergii has significant new growth. The Mammillaria seem to have almost doubled in height. The Melocactus and the Notocactus vanvletii have grown a little bit.

As of October 2000, the best specimen is still the Gymnocalycium baldianum, now about 3" in diameter. The Ferocactus has also made significant gains.

Comparison 3

Jan 2000 July 2000

Notice the spectacular growth of the Mammillarias. Three of them are beginning to flop down to the ground. The ribbed plants grow rather more slowly. The Copiapoa has significant new growth.

In this October 2000 picture, the largest Mammillaria has been cut, the head being used as a nice pot specimen, while the bottom for producing offsets.

The ribbed plants (both are probably Ferocactus specimens) are slower growers.

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