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Aquaculture Collection

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Aquaculture Collection

In this page, I have put pictures of my aquaculture collection. The collection changes from time to time, as some plants die, others are put back into pots, and yet others are moved from one box to another box.

I will point out certain plants whose growth are considerable. A few which I have taken to observe carefully are also shown on other pages. With the available photos, you will be able to trace the development of many of the plants.

May 1999

I decided to use plastic boxes because I can cut holes closer together. The large specimen in the picture at left is an Echinopsis. Numerous blue-green stems of Myrtillocactus are also visible.

Another two large Echinopsis can be seen in the second picture (above right). There is a Rebutia too. In the picture at left, there are a couple of Mammillarias, a couple of Notocactus and one succulent.

June 1999

This is my second box from a vegetable hydroponic kit. I use these larger boxes for big specimens. The picture is a bit blur; the plants are a mixture of Notocactus, Mammillaria and Echinopsis.

Jan 2001

Here are pictures of my aquaculture boxes after 6 months. I shuffle some specimens around every few weeks for the fun of it, so not every specimen is in the same container after 6 months.

Here are some not-so-good looking specimens, in some not-so-good looking aquaculture boxes. A few empty holes can be seen in the second picture.

Here is a nice collection of Mammillarias. There is also one Copiapoa, the specimen in the upper right of the picture.

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