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I am interested in the art of grafting cacti. I have done a bit of grafting, and hope to acquire the skills to do it successfully. The ability of cacti and succulents to heal and regenerate makes grafting relatively easy.

I started by grafting red mutant Gymnocalycium offsets onto Myrtillocactus stocks. Thankfully Myrtillocactus is a terrific stock plant, so most of my attempts have been successful. My chief motive for grafting now is to boost the growth of certain globular specimens. If the stock plant is large, the graft can grow pretty quickly.

Within these pages, I will describe how I do flat grafts, talk a bit about my early attempts and in other pages, I will show you some of my later grafted plants.


Grafting is easy, all you need is a few tools and space plants. In these pages, you will be able to see some photos and notes about grafting techniques, successes and failures. All my knowledge comes from various books, so do get a good book and give the authors some support.
Early Experiments | How to Graft
Step-by-step Flat Grafting | Example 2
Example 3 | Example 4
The following are arranged according to genera:
Astrophytum Graft | Copiapoa Graft
Echinocactus Graft | Echinocereus Graft
Gymnocalycium Graft | Page 2
Gymnocalycium red mutants | Mammillaria Graft
Melocactus Graft | Page 2
Rebutia Graft | Page 2 | Page 3

Of late I have not been grafting as often as I used to. Perhaps this is because of the maturity and stability of the aquaculture technique I use to boost growth.

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