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Early Grafting Experiments

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Early Experiments

Like most people, my interest was sparked by those 'Ruby ball' plants. I've never succeeded in keeping one for very long (probably due to spider mites) but I started grafting offsets of the graft.

This is an early attempt done in 1998, a Gymnocalycium mihanovichii cv. 'Hibotan' on Myrtillocactus geometrizans. It's really a mini plant, about 2" tall. Myrtillocactus geometrizans is my favourite stock plant. They were grown from a packet of Horti mixed cactus seeds.

Above are 2 grafted plants about 3 weeks after the operation. On the left is a Melocactus seedling grafted onto a Myrtillocactus stock. On the right is a Rebutia albiflora offset grafted onto the same type of stock.

The Myrtillocactus geometrizans stock is my favourite for grafting. It's compatible with a lot of other cactus species and it's also strong, robust and grows quickly. It also has a strong root system which does well in aquaculture. The pictures were taken in October 1998.

The same two grafted specimens about a month later. The Melocactus graft on the left seem to be growing a little slowly. Later, this plant was uprooted and put in aquaculture. On the right is the Rebutia graft with two new offsets. The main graft has also grown considerably.

Both plants are in 2" pots. Note the notches made on the rim of the pots to stop rubber bands from slipping. The grafts were held in place using rubber bands for one week. As of March 1999, both plants were well and strong.

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