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C&S Collection

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My Collection

Above are pictures of my collection as of June 1999. I keep them in two separate places. The picture at left shows the part of my collection which consist mainly of smaller plants and aquaculture boxes. It is situated on the side of the house, facing west.

The other picture shows a shelter at the back of the house. It is made of angle-irons with corrugated polycarbonate roofing. One sheet of the stuff is about RM80 (USD20) (year 2000). Succulents and larger plants are kept here. The plastic roofing is a bit expensive but it is durable and sturdy. Polycarbonate will last for years.

If you are building your own shelter, make sure the polycarbonate sheets are very well secured, or the shelter has adequate protection from very strong winds. You may think that your handiwork may easily withstand a normal storm -- also make sure that it can also handle a once-in-10-years storm.

This is a more recent picture of my best specimens under the angle-iron shelter. Most of the plants are of the Notocactus and Mammillaria families. This is a May 2000 picture.

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More Pictures

This is a more recent addition (June 1999), built with thin pieces of wood and office document trays. This was done really cheaply - it cost less than RM10 (USD2.50). Beware, strong winds can topple this structure, so keep it shielded from direct exposure or add some weights.

The roof is made out of clear plastic sheeting (used for wrapping books) and 50% shade plastic netting. The wood is nailed together with added glue, and the office document trays are integral to the structural integrity of the shelter.

For most people, a few trays on the side or front of the house will suffice. However, if you catch the cactus fever, you will persuade yourself to undertake grandiose projects designed to cater for hundreds of plants. I'm all for it - with more experienced growers around, more people will know how to better take care of their plants and less will die in the hands of inexperienced growers.

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