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Site Change Log (post July 1, 2002)

2002-11-01 : Updated books.html: added tips on buying C&S books in Malaysia
Updated succulents-graptopetalum.html: added more recent pictures
Updated succulents-gasteria.html: added 6 pictures of new and old plants (2001)
Updated hydro-gymnobald.html: Updated with March 2001 flower information & link
New file
flowers-gymnocalycium02.html: March 2001 first Gymno. baldianum flower
Updated hydro-notocactus.html: Year 2001 pix of Notocactus haselbergii
New file
hydro-notocactus03.html: Year 2001 pix of Notocactus vanvletii
Updated seeds-misc02.html: Two Year 2001 pix of young Gymnocalycium damsii
New file
hydro-haworthia.html: Haworthia cymbiformis in aquaculture
2002-10-04 : Updated succulents-stapelia.html: corrected species identification of specimen
Updated flowers-stapelia.html: corrected identification, added pollination information
Updated cacti-hylocereus.html: added Cactus Valley picture of Hylocereus
New file nursery-camerons.html: Cameron Highlands nurseries pictures
New file nursery-camerons02.html: Cactus Valley C&S collection Part 1
New file nursery-camerons03.html: Cactus Valley C&S collection Part 2
New file nursery-camerons04.html: Cactus Valley pictures of individual plants
New file nursery-camerons05.html: Cactus Valley other plants (non C&S)
New file nursery-camerons06.html: Cactus Point pictures
New file nursery-camerons07.html: Cactus Valley C&S collection Part 3
New file nursery-camerons08.html: Cactus Valley C&S collection Part 4
New file nursery-camerons09.html: Cactus Valley C&S collection Part 5
2002-08-22 : Updated links.html: added a link to Petr Koupelka's Czechoslovakia C&S site
Updated hydroponics.html: corrected script processing errors
Updated grafting.html: corrected script processing errors
2002-08-21 : Updated nurseries.html: added a word of caution, split the C&S industry section
New file industry.html: discussion on C&S industry, updated and expanded
New file hydro-pail-costs.html: cost estimate of using plastic pail containers
Updated links.html: added a link to Rico Tong's site, and some minor updates
New file hydro-early03.html: very early attempts, moved here from old main page
Updated hydroponics.html: completely revised main page for aquaculture
Updated aquaculture.html: revised, made more comprehensive
New file
graft-gymnocalycium02.html: a double-headed Gymnocalycium graft
New file
graft-early.html: info on early experiments, moved from grafting main page
Updated grafting.html: completely revised main page for grafting
Updated flowers-gymnocalycium.html: updated with 4 old SLR camera pictures
New file
problems-rotting02.html: a badly rotted aquaculture specimen, ugggh...
2002-07-31 : New file succulents-cheiridopsis.html: a Mesemb, rarely found in Malaysia
New file
graft-rebutia03.html: Rebutia albiflora on Echinopsis sp.
New file
graft-melocactus02.html: continuation of chronology on grafted specimen
New file
cacti-myrtillocactus02.html: more Myrtillocactus pictures
New file
seeds-melocactus.html: old photos of Melocactus seedlings (growth progress)
Updated succulents-scilla.html: year 2001 photos to complement year 1999 photos
New file
flowers-agave.html: some photos of someone else's Agave in full bloom
New file
flowers-adenium.html: old photos of Adenium obesum specimens
Updated cacti-stenocereus.html: added a couple more lines of comments
New file
graft-gymnored.html: old photos of miniature grafted red mutant Gymnos
New file
cacti-stenocereus02.html: year 2001 photos of Stenocereus specimens
New file
hydro-lobivia.html: Lobivia in aquaculture, old SuccSeed seedling from 1997
Updated books-guides.html: Adjusted book reviews
Updated seeds-misc03.html: year 2001 pictures of Frailea seedlings
New file
flowers-gasteria.html: a flower stalk in May 2001
New file
flowers-gasteria02.html: more pictures of the flower stalk
Updated seeds-misc04.html: year 2001 pictures of Frailea seedlings
2002-07-01 : New file changelog.html: Started this Change Log

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