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Stenocereus Specimens Page 2

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Stenocereus Specimens Page 2

This page contains mostly pictures of my largest Stenocereus pruinosus plant, grown from seed. On 20 January 2001, I cut off most of its stem so that I could plant the main stem without the tapering base. I kept the base for producing offsets.

This is the base of the plant on January 2001. The root system is strong and robust. The plant has been growing in an ordinary clay pot under a shelter. The next picture shows the base after two weeks; the cut surface has healed. Note the vascular ring and the almost-woody core.

Four months after the operation, an shoot has sprouted. By the end of 2001, the base has two large shoots.

Meanwhile, the main stem has been potted up in soil. It looks more like a classic columnar specimen now that the tapering section has been removed. The pot was then placed outdoors. Stronger sunlight prompted stouter spines to grow. Note also the waxy coating of new growth. The new spines are longer and the colour is better too. These two photos were taken four months after the initial operation.

The plant after about 11 months. The amount of growth in 11 months can be clearly seen. The spines are also becoming longer. Older spines fade from red and brown to gray and black.

Taken in December 2001, these two photographs show two more specimens of Stenocereus pruinosus. At left is a large shoot from one of my other specimens, potted up in soil. At right is a young specimen. Some bug damage (scarring) can be seen near the base. Still, this is a mighty tough species.

I am growing columar cacti (Stenocereus and Myrtillocactus) mainly for grafting stock. I plan to grow numerous large specimens, each of at least 2 feet tall, and using them as stock plants for my favourite globular cacti, such as Gymnocalycium baldianum.

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