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Echinopsis Specimens

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Many types of Echinopsis are practically indestructible. The first bunch of globular cacti which I successfully grew were Echinopsis plants.

These are offsets of the Echinopsis species which I first successfully grew. It offsets wildly, so I guess it won't bother to flower. My guess is that it's one of those in the Echinopsis bridgesii complex of species.

When grafting, it works as a stock plant some of the time. Not as good as Myrtillocactus.

Although many books state that Echinopsis are easy to grow and have spectacular flowers, I have found the former (ease of growing) to be true and the latter (flowering) to be false. At least in tropical Malaysia. My Echinopsis plants have never flowered, while I have seen my neighbour's plant flower once.

There was once this article in a newspaper in which a large Echinopsis was shown in bloom and the owner stated that it took something like 7 years for that to happen. My guess is that either the weather is all wrong or it takes time to mature.

The large Echinopsis in the above pictures was given to me by a neighbour in Melaka. Her plant once bloomed; the nocturnal flower was white and was probably more than 10 inches long. That plant had a couple of offsets, and I got one from her. The picture at right shows offsets which I later got from my large plant. Looks like Echinopsis subdenudata.

An Update (April 2002)

This is an update about flower production. It turns out that the 'generic' Echinopsis species shown above does flower in Malaysia -- but in Cameron Highlands. You can see many examples in Cactus Valley.

Pictures are also available on my Cameron Highlands nurseries pages. Unfortunately, Echinopsis flowers are nocturnal, so no photographs of its flowers are available, only a couple of blurry shots which shows dried flower remains.

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