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C&S Books

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Popular C&S Books at a Glance
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Most of the titles have a comment (in this text colour) giving the latest (June 2002) information on the availability of the title in KL, Malaysia bookstores. See below for buying tips.


The Best

A Close Second

Good All-round

Globular Cacti Heaven

Succulent Heaven

More Succulents
Lyman Benson
Cacti of the
United States
and Canada

MPH and Times are the best places to look for C&S books, although one might encounter them at other bookstores. Mafham & Mafham's book and the Maces' book can probably be found at MPH or Times bookstores in KL (October 2002.) MPH ( in particular has a web site that allows searching of available stock, and their service centre is very helpful.

I've ordered books from a number of times (and once from FatBrain) and so far none of my orders have been lost or damaged. More information on buying C&S books is available below. So, do take some time to figure out your needs first before making an investment.

Cactus and Succulent Books

I try to buy every cactus and succulent book I can get my hands on. They are essential for the serious C&S collector. C&S books are difficult to find in Malaysian bookstores, so I recommend that you take a look at online stores. On these pages, I have wrote up short reviews of C&S books I own. Most of my them are available at Many more specialist books can be found at the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall.

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