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Why Buy C&S Books?

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Why Buy Cactus and Succulent Books?

Disclosure: If you buy books linked from this site, I get a commission.

Let's face it, cacti and succulents is a gardening hobby that is being pushed out of focus by all those nutty companies intent on getting us addicted to computer game machines . Although this hobby has many, many faithful (even fanatical ) supporters, other specialist hobby plants such as bonsai and air plants compete with cacti and succulents for attention.

As a C&S enthusiast, your support is needed to keep the hobby afloat. Buying books help sustain interest in cacti and succulents, keeping this kind of books economically viable. A healthy market for C&S books also sustain a host of other activities. Authors are spurred on to writing better books, raising the ante. Collectors can explore new areas and catalogue new species and genera. Scientists can win grants to study the plants, and examine the genetic material. Botanical gardens will keep their succulent gardens in good order. Interest in the hobby keeps all those wonderful seed and plant nurseries in business. Even the knowledge on most C&S sites on the Internet are founded on material in books.

Besides, no reference is more convenient than a book. It is something that does not require batteries, does not become obsolete, is easy on the eyes, does not power up in one minute or more, is portable, and is easy to mark and annotate. Forget the environmental fanaticism about the killing of trees to print books, those newsprint guys ought to get the heat first.

Buying C&S books affirms your change of status from a casual grower to a serious enthusiast.

It's hard to find good C&S books in Malaysia. One or two pop up once in a while. You have to comb the bookstores around the city to get yourself a good collection of C&S books. The more common books are really for beginners, so it's difficult to get the really good ones unless you order online.

So, if you are planning to have a great C&S collection, consider investing in a good C&S book or two. They are the best long term investment a budding enthusiast can make.

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