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Other C&S Books

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Other Cactus and Succulent Books

Here are some other cactus and succulent books.

Mariella Pizzetti, Stanley Schuler (editor)
Simon and Schuster's Guide to Cacti and Succulents
Simon & Schuster: 1985 (384 pages)
ISBN 0671602314

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(old book -- might not be immediately available)
The picture at left shows the front cover of an earlier edition of the same book.

I find myself using this from time to time, and I've identified a few species of cactus plants in my collection using this book.

Note: One copy pops up here and there every once in a while in bookstores around KL, Malaysia.

Please note that this book does not have non-cacti succulents, contrary to what you may have deduced from its title. There are over 300 species listed. Per-species information is quite detailed, and often contain interesting tit-bits. It has a good section on the history of the Cactaceae. Not all genera are represented in the book, and treatment of each genera varies in terms of the number of species illustrated.

While it is not a very good reference book, it does have an interesting selection of cacti species. I find myself often grabbing this book for a bit of idle browsing. It is, after all, a fair bit lighter than the more comprehensive reference books .

Erik Haustein
The Cactus Handbook
Chartwell Books: 1988 (320 pages)
ISBN 1555212069

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(old book -- might not be immediately available)

Note: Was available in Malaysian bookstores about 10 years ago. Now, perhaps not. Heh heh.

This was the first book on cacti and succulents which I bought. It's a bit dated compared to many of the more recent publications, but still a good book. However, if you have a couple of the more comprehensive references, you will find yourself using it less and less. Recommended if you can locate a used copy.

One quirk is that the entries are arranged according to botanical families, so it is not in alphabetical order. It does give you an idea how one genus is related to another. The book has a bit of a botanical instead of a layman style of presentation.

My Other Cactus and Succulent Books

The following are the other titles that I own.

Brian M. Lamb
Letts Guide to Cacti of the World
Charles Letts & Co: 1991

This book approaches the subject in a different way. It spends more time describing each genus, providing one or two pictures per genus. Therefore, it cannot be used as a dictionary. Its horticultural information and pictures of grafted specimens and variegated specimens are very interesting, though.

Note: Was available in Malaysian bookstores. Very seldom seen now.

Peter Chapman & Margaret Martin
Exotic Cacti: Successful Indoor Gardening
Salamander Books: 1989

This is one of those cheap and thin guides, but then, what you pay is what you get. I would've liked a few more pictures, though. A nice book if you aren't planning to buy a more comprehensive guide book or reference book. Many popular species are listed in the book. Still, I think it was worth the money (about RM7, I think, or USD3.50).

Note: Was available in Malaysian Popular bookstores. No longer available.

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