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Contact Information

The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I usually squirm away from using a handphone; reclaim your life by stopping corporate lowlifes from escalating the handphone business to ridiculous levels. Take control of your life -- don't let others do the controlling for you!

Species: homo sapiens
Gender: male
Age: 29

My name is Man Kein Hong. "Man" is my family name, and it is pronounced as "Mun" (The former spelling is due to the Malay rendering of a Cantonese word). The given name is "Kein Hong". The popular Western format of my name would be Kein-Hong Man. Many reformat their names by abbreviating their first name, e.g. K.H. Unfortunately, using the Eastern style will confuse a lot of people who are used to the Western format, so I have opted to use the latter on this site.

I believe Hungarians have the same problem as the Chinese . Most Indians and Malays (who are the other major races in Malaysia) do not use Western-style name formats too. It's a pity so many Westerners do not understand that not everyone has a Western-style name. The world is incredibly diverse, and people should uphold and celebrate diversity. Oh right, that whatchacallit creature is in the White House... . OK, enough ranting .

Oh, BTW, the race thing, that's a totally obsolete notion. The great philosopher and martial artist Bruce Lee refused to label himself a Chinese, much to the dismay of many Chinese chauvinists. He calls himself a human being, nothing more. Me, I'm just a neural network running on fuzzy logic. Appears to be sentient. Perhaps that's just a special effect...

I have a BEng(hons) in Electrical Engineering at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is my hometown too, so I guess I am an urban animal. My alma mater is St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur (I'm proud to be a product of a LaSallian brothers mission school.) I was at Multimedia University (Malaysia) for a while. Right now I'm doing some freelance work and research of my own.

I do a lot of programming. I also read a lot, with no particular preference in terms of fiction and I also like to read non-fiction books on historical figures, events and contemporary issues. I follow space exploration closely, and I have an interest in astronomy (but don't really have time for it). My main vice is collecting soundtrack CDs. I am also trying to build a complete Robert Anson Heinlein library. My favourite recent authors are Laurie Garret and Nancy Kress.

Cacti and succulents keep me relaxed. They are like pets, except if one dies on you it isn't like having a pet dog die on you. In addition, it is not appropriate to indulge in Dr. Frankenstein experiments on animal pets. However, with cacti and succulents you can engage in grafting. Try doing that on your cat... lop off the head and then attach it to... it's OK, it's OK, I'm not psycho.

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