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About This Site

This Web site has existed since December 1997. The last major makeover prior to this one was way back in July 2001, and the one before that was back in May 1999. It appears that I publish in fits and starts, so I apologize to readers who may be expecting a regular update .

This site contains material that I have picked up over the years. All photographs are my own, and if you want to use any please read my Photo Policy Page. I won't charge anything of course, but there are some issues which I need to let you know about.

This Web site is unique as it is one of the few which provides information on home aquaculture of cacti and succulents. I have been experimenting on this form of culture since mid-1998. Of course, it is not done in a very scientific manner, but more in a haphazard sort of way. I have plans to be more scientific in the near future, but right now I'm just (still) fooling around.

Previously development was handled using a scripting language called htmlpp. I considered using PHP for a while, but finally opted to use perl. I use an old version of M$ Frontpage Express to write the pages in a WYSIWYG format. A perl script adds the headers, footers, navigation bars, checks the images and links and generates a site map.

While I think Micro$oft can do humanity a big favour by being less of a bully, I like Frontpage Express very much. It's a nice compact piece of software and suits my style of work. Graphics is mainly done on MS Photo Editor and The GIMP (an awesome program!).

Style of Presentation

Instead of taking you on a tour of photo galleries like many other personal C&S sites, I have opted to be more chatty. In doing so, I hope I can give you a sense of what I have gone through with this hobby. Think of it as my C&S journal. I can't provide any large images, since the account does not allow me to put too much stuff up.

All of the pictures on this site have been cropped and resized. In some cases, the contrast and brightness have been adjusted to bring out details (especially for pre-April 2000 digital shots). Instead of pure photo galleries, I have opted to talk more about the plants.

Since this current site cannot hold all of the photos in their original form, I have opted against continuing with the thumbnail style of presentation. Instead, I have opted to show you medium-sized pictures along with text so that you can read and enjoy the pictures at the same time. No more squinting at thumbnails!

The quality factor of the JPG files have been set to 50, so that almost all of the pictures fall around 5 KB to 10 KB in size. In addition, the pictures have been softened a little. Some crispness has been taken away, but this translates to 25% or more savings in terms of file size.

I have ensured that the pages are short, so the combination should give you fast download and display times. You will be able to discern some JPG coding artifacts in the pictures, but in general, your viewing experience will not noticeably suffer.

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